Sample letter exemption 5.b

[Name of parents]
[Family Address]
[postal code] [city]

To: Mayor & Aldermen of the Municipality xx
[town hall address]
[postal code] [city]

Regarding: Exemption call on Article 5, clause b, Leerplichtwet 1969

[City, letter date]

Dear Sirs and Madams,

We are the parents of these children:

– [full name child 1], born [birth date 1].
– [full name child 2], born [birth date 2].

We have researched the religious and life-philosophical orientation (richting) of all the schools located on a reasonable distance from our home, and we had to conclude that none of these school provide an education that propagates our convictions.

We therefore inform you that for [first names of children], [BSN and date of birth], based on article 5, sub b, of the Leerplichtwet 1969, we are entitled to exemption of the obligation to enroll [first name of children] in a school or institution for the [remainder of the current school year/coming school year].

We declare that we have predominant objections against the orientation of all the schools and institutions within reasonable distance from our home that [first names of children] could be placed at.

[Optional:] We are very much aware that our child(ren) should receive a good education, which includes learning the Dutch language. We have taken measures to let him/her/them receive this education. [First names of children] has/have sufficient contact with Dutch speaking children outside of the home and is/are involved in [sports/cultural/group/extracurricular] activities in Dutch.


[Names of parents, with academic titles if applicable. Signatures of parents.]



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